The 3rd International Workshop on Nuclear Theory “Nuclei and hypernuclei in relativistic ion collisions” will be held between  September 29 (arrival day) and October 5 (departure day) 2024 in Kemer, Antalya, Türkiye.

The aim of INTW-2024 is to provide an international forum for discussions and collaborations about new scientific developments and driplines border of physics between researchers in nuclear physics and related areas. These questions are at the focus of the activities at the FAIR facility, especially related to the Nuclear Astrophysics program and the HADES and CBM physics topics.

It will be focused on theoretical and experimental developments in nuclear physics, production, structure, decay and formation of nuclei/hypernuclei and nuclear fragmentation processes in laboratories and universe, nuclear astrophysics, applications of nuclear physics.

Historically, INTW2022 (August 16, 2022) and INTW2023 (August 20-22, 2023) conferences have been held at the Department of Physics of Selcuk University, Konya, Türkiye, within the framework of the joint DAAD-TUBITAK (121N420) bilateral project between J.W. Goethe University and Selcuk University, with the aim of expanding and strengthening cooperation and sharing recent scientific results with researchers in the wider community.

The INTW-2024 is jointly organised by Selcuk University and J.W. Goethe University and the Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR (HFHF). Akdeniz University, Karabuk University, Yıldız Technical University and TENMAK from Türkiye, Fudan University from China, GANIL from France, INFN from Italy and RIKEN from Japan are also part of the organising committee to expand the cooperation.

We kindly acknowledge financial support by the Goethe University, HFHF, Selcuk University (124N001) and Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mineral Reseach Agency (TENMAK).

We will apply to TÜBİTAK 2223-D Support for Organizing Events within the Framework of Bilateral Cooperation Agreements. Accepted Turkish participants (with oral/poster presentations) may apply to TÜBİTAK 2224-B programme theirself to get financial support until April 19, 2024. Information of financial support will be announced in mid of July 2024.

INTW2024 Poster can be found here.


  • Production mechanisms of nuclear fragments, hypernuclei, and antinuclei.
  • Progress in theoretical description of baryon interactions, nuclei, and hypernuclei.
  • Equation of state (EoS) of isospin-asymmetric and hyperonic nuclear matter.
  • Phase transitions in nuclear collisions at intermediate and high energies.
  • Nuclear composition and EoS of supernova matter and neutron stars.